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John Kirkpatrick
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John Kirkpatrick




My 30+ years of snack food and bakery experience in wholesale and retail production and manufacturing includes working with and on various production equipment and systems.

I can show you how to make your method of production provide you the results that will improve your quality, consistency, and profitability.


Some of the systems and equipment that I have a working knowledge of:

Bulk Ingredient
Tunnel/Traveling Ovens
Water Metering and
Rack Ovens
Continuous Mixing
Revolving Ovens
Depositing Equipment
Topping Applicators
Donut Production
Horizontal Mixers
Cake Production
Vertical Mixers
Muffin Production
Planetary Mixers
Cookie Production
Spiral Mixers
Bread/Bagel Production
Overhead and
Spiral Conveyors
Puff Pastry and
Croissant Production

Sweet Goods Production
Horizontal Wrappers
Pizza Production
Packaging Equipment
Cake Finishing/ and
Bread/Bun Baggers
Portioning Equipment
Metal Detectors
Line Printers
L-Bar Sealers
Box Formers
Blast Freezers
Pan Washers
Storage Freezers
In-line Icers
Bowl Lifts
Column Dumpers

Do you need help with product development, improvement, or reengineering? I can help you with a solution.



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