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John Kirkpatrick
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John Kirkpatrick


Product creation and development:

I can help you bring your product idea to reality or
breathe new life into a tired product line. I can also help you reengineer your product for greater production efficiency, improved shelf life, or to meet the demands of an ever changing market place.

Once you have a product, I can assist you through all the rest of the steps required to take your product from concept to sale.

These are some of the types of products that I have created, developed or reengineered:

Sausage Snacks
Gourmet Marshmallows
Loaf Cakes
Coffee Cakes
Danish/Sweet Goods

Bagel Dogs                                      
Cheese Cakes
Pizza Crust                                     
Puff Pastry
Cinnamon Rolls                                
Energy Bars
Protein Snacks
Mexican Pastries
Gourmet Cinnamon Rolls

Do you need help with product development, improvement, or reengineering? I can help you with a solution.


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